Mar. 31st, 2009 03:32 am
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A G20 summit will be happening in London Thursday, but Brad says we're not doing anything connected to it. Awwww. In the meantime, have a LOLcat: cut for image )

Shut Down

Jul. 3rd, 2008 12:19 am
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The G8 summit is taking place in Hokkaido, Japan, July 7-9, but Brad hasn't mentioned anything. Sad. Protests are already going on!
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::The whites of Schuldig's eyes are reddened from exposure to tear gas, and he has faint blue streaks in his ginger hair. He looks tired yet jazzed.::

Even some of the nonviolent protesters were kind of my people: As a black column of bulky riot police approached along a picturesque tree-lined road, one transvestite protester said: "They've been nice to us so far. Well, I've been groped a little - but that's OK." Hell, I did some time among the non-violent myself, mostly as part of the Clowns' Army. I can't wear black for so many straight days! Farf stayed among the hooded violent. He was too frightening as a clown. See some photos from the front.

I spent a lot of time listening to Nine Inch Nails' Year Zero, which made a decent soundtrack for protesting Bush and global imperialism. Sometimes Farf and I shared the Podphones, which some other protesters found cute. By the way, protest sex is great. Adrenaline is nature's aphrodisiac.


I check out for a few days, and the Nexus gets infested with LOLs. There was sneezing kiwi bird who induced enforced nudity. Some people found it awkward, which mystified Kaa. ((Farf answered the same Kaa question about nudity in a [ profile] dear_multiverse post.)) Some people have been de-aged five years by a mirror, which created a wave of cluelessness, rewind, fear, and evil. I have yet to see any naked people who've rewound back five years, though. The shame LOL is pretty damned funny. For me at least. Meanwhile, some people are still trying to deal with older LOLs. Rabbids are freaky.


Queen Bitch is back in the Nexus, omigawd! I am entertained. Especially when Yuuko starts talking like her.

One of the Edward Elrics came to the Nexus looking for advice on a love triangle he's in. One of the members is an alternate of him. Too funny.

Yuuko is looking for weird philosophy and happy things. I'm right at home there.

((Kanan's pregnant, and the daddy is Hakkai. This isn't gonna end well. War continues to develop.))
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"Police, Protesters Clash Outside G-8 Summit." You wouldn't believe the high I have during all this. Sticking it to the Man the violent way while surrounding by likeminded souls is a powerful thing. Chancellor Merkin says violence isn't the way to go--she would, wouldn't she?--but what's the G8 the world remembers? Seattle. (And I was there for that, babies.) Without the violence, does the summit really get covered in any real way? Hell no.

I had no part in this, but I had to mention "Man tries to jump into pope's popemobile."


I'm still trying to keep up with stuff here while I'm out working for a living, though.

Nagi's taken a chick under his wing. ((NSFW in the violent way))


A weirdass Batman showed up to LOL people as he went. Hiro Nakamura's version of Batman that resulted from it was about as bizarre as you'd expect. ((At least being LOL'd into being Batman showed Nightwing how much it would suck to try being Batman, something he considered doing. He posted about his newfound greater understanding in [ profile] dear_mun.)) An online quiz told Nightwing that his best superhero lover would be... himself. It is to laugh, nein? On a more serious note, he worried that agreeing with an enemy of his on something was a bad thing, when actually it's just a sign that he's openminded and evenhanded.


((OtherSchuldig, who'd gotten his mind badly injured doing something dumbassed, is now pretty much Nii's weapon. Ooops. It ties into the upcoming and slowly percolating War.))


Kaa's worried about how angry and stabbity he's been feeling toward a lot of people lately. The stabbity is fine as long as you don't let anger and angst own you. Meanwhile, Selene, who's been LOL'd into a deer, is worried that she'll mentally turn into a deer. She's so cute.


People, why would you volunteer to spin something called a Wheel of LOLality? Why? ((Maybe because the LOLs are funny?))


Dan Fielding asks, "What the hell is wrong with you people?!?!?!?!?!?" You'd think a guy who worked in a night court in New York City in the 80s would be unflappable. The laugh track is funny, though.
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"Riots prompt tight security at G8 summit of major powers in northern Germany"


"MySpace Outage Leaves Millions Friendless"

All Onion kidding aside, I hear that wangst occurred in torrents over LiveJournal while I was in Germany doing my real life. Fortunately, my profile interests are so clean they squeak!


I also missed Sweet bringing on the next wave of confessional karaoke and the revelation that that one guy turns out to be who we expected him to be. Wah wah.
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"G-8 Protests Turn Violent in Germany"
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I have to remember to see things and people as they are, not as I wish they are or they used to be. I'm aware that I've been particularly blind there on personal matters lately. I guess I'm just as human as anybody else is when it comes to people I care about, but it's past time for me to be more ruthless with myself.


Apr. 13th, 2007 06:22 pm
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Brad will be hired on to help provide security for the G8 summit again this year. It'll be Heiligendamm, Germany, this time. I love G8 season. I hate the summit itself, you know, the sekrit cabal including the leaders of the world's seven richest nations, plus Russia, plus the head of the European community, accountable to no one, making plans to suck the world dry. Brad will have to deal with them. I, as usual, will be among the protesters kicking it old school and reminding the cabal why they should pay people like Brad so much to protect their precious asses. And if Farf stays with us through June I'll have him with me, and he is the best violent protest partner you could ever have. He's jazzed at the thought, so he may well stay.

I've already started attending protester planning meetings. You know what's great about the planning meetings? Protest porn. Hey, you need to rouse the troops. Slides and videos of activists punching in store windows with poles and rocks, setting cars on fire, throwing things at police.... Oh yes.

I get so high at the actual protests themselves with all the emotions and adrenaline flying. One year this one activist chick was sewing up a gash in my arm without an anesthetic and I was sitting there all "Noooo, I'm fiiiiiine," and picking up my next rock. I donate to some activist groups year-round, though not to any that do demonstrations with puppets because, c'mon, puppets. Grow up.

Another round of me enjoying myself while Schwarz gets paid for it. I'm going to have to go sit down now so my head won't explode from the sheer force of awesome.


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