Oct. 3rd, 2007 04:09 pm
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I've been playing Viva Caligula online a bit. I dunno how Nagi gets into these games, because they're so arbitrary. Real life combat is so different. And who knew the old whores would be some of the most dangerous unarmored prey? The biddies gang up on you and kick. The crossbow is my favorite weapon of the four I've picked up so far. There's no microphone on Marilyn though, so I can't scream into my laptop for more rage/insanity power. Pity, that.

Heroes is back, so I'm watching downloads with Brad and Farf. Season two is not thrilling us. spoilers )

Farf continued asking his anonymous Nexus questions, one involving a story with monks, one that brought Tribbles into the Nexus, and another asking for volunteers. Yeah. I'm his ex, and he didn't think I'd figure it out? Anyway. Looks like Schwarz in my reality should maybe fear for their lives. I haven't decided whether to bring it up to them yet or not.

[livejournal.com profile] wireboundheart came into the Nexus super-angsty, which led to Aya-kun comforting him and Hisoka... fixing him. Hisoka asked for training help later. ((Aya comforting Yohji continued here and eventually turned NSFW. Hey, it's Yotan.)) Later, Aya-kun had an angsty answer to a Nexus question about having kids.

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Drawn In

May. 15th, 2007 12:48 am
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Farfarello's trying to win me over through some weird combination of giving me space and then giving me no space at all. How many times does he really have to nuzzle the side of my neck while we're lying in wait for a target? And when he has his electricity going it makes all the hairs on my body stand on end. Scheiße.


Sometimes I get the urge to try to help people. I should probably just stick to my own, though sometimes that group can seem damned small lately. Which is why I keep trying to expand what's "my own" lately. Goku's asking about his missing memories. He's not quite "my own," but he's close enough.

Nagi's researching for a new business proposition he's thought up. I have to remember to check in with some production, porn, and acting people I know. Mom has to help his baby out.

Sometimes somebody so... unique shows up in the Nexus that I'm irresistably drawn over to rubberneck. That's how I wandered into a discussion with the new Superman in town. Wow. Just... wow. Yay for strong telepathic shielding! ((There's a kind of Superfreak after-party in [livejournal.com profile] good_rpers_rock.))

I met this chickie Mitsuko in the Nexus, and she was all hard and sharp and blatant and young, certain and cocky in her skills and sociopathy. She'll either learn that there's always someone bigger and badder than you somewhere that you have to be subtle and smart for or she'll die.


spoilers for _Heroes_: 'Landslide' )

((And the circle of pranks goes on as Tenpou steals Farfarello's book collection on a tip from Nagi, who wants vengeance for Farfarello's "rain" of blood ruining Nagi's apartment, which was Farfarello's vengeance for Nagi destroying Farfarello's dungeon, which was Nagi's vengeance on Farfarello for leaving Asuka's corpse in his bitch Yohji's bed. *whew* In [livejournal.com profile] dear_mun, Aya-chan's complaining about her mun, but it gave Schu the opportunity to catch up with her a bit.))
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Brad came over and warmed the house for a while. Warmed it vigorously and athletically. It's good to be missed.

But before that we had the Schwarzly get-together to watch the latest Heroes download. spoilers for 'The Hard Part' )


I shot the breeze a bit about jobs with Deathstroke, the Terminator. And some people twit me for calling myself Guilty?

I also did something a little unusual. I'll get more detailed if anything comes of it.

There's a new kitten in the Nexus, and Nagi has taken him in. He's such a humanitarian.

((In [livejournal.com profile] dear_mun, Darkdevil is complaining that his mun has him seeking men in his personal ad. You'd think he'd never been in the Nexus before!))
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::Schu's lounging on his couch. His hair has faint blue streaks in it, and if you came close enough you'd realize they smell vaguely sweet and like "raspberry." Some sections look crimped, as if they'd had braids for a while. Some of the activists he's staying with are young women who can't resist the lure of The Hair.::

I spoke to the Nexus Brad again recently and he didn't annoy me as badly as last time. Though following his mood changes could have given you whiplash. I'll watch how he behaves next time to see if I should revise my earlier opinion.

I have a bad feeling something stupid and destructive may have happened around Nagi. Visit me, will ya?

Aya got hit by a clue bat, but he has people taking his mind off the deep disturbance of having a clue.

Gojyo and Hakkai are still LOL'd, and I haven't visited them since. Their moods are kind of chancy at the moment. I'm sure Nagi would do better than I would.

Greed is back to propositioning girlish boys thinking they're girls. This one looked a bit like Ritsuka. I miss that kid.

This alien chick showed up in the Nexus who was like the Warner kids in human female form. She made my head spin, but I just had to offer help anyway, dumbass that I can sometimes be. No good deed goes unpunished.

The drama stick is thwapping people heavily in the Nexus. Clones, people losing their powers and going temporarily bugshit.... You guys can deal, while I sit back with my popcorn and snark.

((Schu also had an honest and not happy conversation with [livejournal.com profile] cursed_bird in [livejournal.com profile] dear_mun, where it doesn't count. But that's the only place Farfarello will talk to him with some honesty and fewer threats.))


When I had another telepathy lesson for London Aya today he came in all pissed off and I managed to talk him into telling me what's bothering him. It turns out it's the usual shit with Chloe picking on Ken-ken and Ken-ken's less than perfect grasp of English. Aya's long past tired of the two of them having a tug of war over him, but telling that to Chloe gets him nowhere while Kenchen feels the need to defend himself and Aya. Meanwhile, Aya's fucking Ken and loves him but is not in love with him, which Ken knows and is fine with because Aya is a Special Snowflake and Ken's own Shinigami of Wuv.

Aya's glad that Ken doesn't have over-the-top homicidal rages anymore so he tries not to upset or worry him, and he doesn't trust the Kryptonbrand crew much (nor should he). He won't contact his sister, and even if he did he would never tell her anything that he thought would upset her. So he just represses down hard and gives them all that sadly serene smile mask he developed after he lost Yohji for good. Except with me. I've gotten him to let out his frustration and rage about the personal stuff to me, though he still keeps team- and mission-related stuff to himself, which he's welcome to since we (Schwarz-we) think Kryptonbrand is full of whackjobs.

So he vents, we train, and then we often make out in a devouring, nearly angry way for a while before he can recollect himself. Yohji must not have been smexing him the right way, because if Aya had been this much like a house on fire during sex with him he would have to be an idiot to stray the way he did. Oh wait, it's Yohji, and at least three out of four Yohjis are numbskulls. Never mind.


I actually did end up watching the download of the newest episode of Heroes (".07%") with Brad and Farf. Bradford invited me over for it. Sci-fi is important stuff!

Sylar rocks our socks--the thing with the glass!--Mohinder gets ever more moronic, Matt's not a total waste of space for once--usually I want him off of my (telepathic) side--and Brad's happy with Nathan. Plus, BroYay! Don't tell me it's because they're Italian-American. But, yeah, Watchmen.
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::Schu's Nexus living room now has a coffee table and a different couch. He's wearing a long-sleeved shirt, but the healing bracelet [livejournal.com profile] killwithmymind gave him a while ago is still visible along with some bruises.::

Nagi asked a question, and, sure enough, here she shows up. I personally think Nii would make a great Daddy for Töt. They both love stuffed bunnies, and they're both disturbing as all hell. She loves scientists. Maybe their bunnies could get together and... shit, I'm squicking myself. Anyway, they're the match-up of win.

Ken-ken's still in the Nexus. So cute! For now I'm lurking and letting other people mess with him. He's just too easy.

Ichigo's color is deep pink. Chicka chicka bow wow!

I waaaaaant one: blood puddle pillows.

I can't believe some people are actually donating blood to this guy. Yeah, I went through the Rosenkreuz School of Hard Knocks, but this is common sense, people! Speaking of, this humor article from The Onion amused me: "Majority of Parents Abuse Children, Children Report." It's tragic! The vegetables, the bed and bath times, the denial of new toys! The unwanted physical contact of being... hugged in front of your friends. Ja? Try growing up in the wrong side of Berlin in pre-unification Germany like a lot of my personalities did.

Hide the liquor, the kittens are alkies! That's a cat macro waiting to happen. Also, a comment of great justice: "OMG! That's why Hemingway cats developed thumbs! TO POUR HIM DRINKS"


Yeah, anyway, you might notice that my couch is different now. That's because I bled on the last one. It was a rougher job than usual, I had to Portal myself here to my couch so I wouldn't splat from hitting the ground from falling from a great height, then from here I had to PINpoint myself to our doctor because my head had been knocked around so badly I couldn't accurately Portal any further.... We have a special deal with him so I don't have to sit in a waiting room and sit in the middle of people radiating sickness and pain. Getting rid of the chip in my head means I can have CT scans done for my head, which is great. (The bullet that's lodged in my back is much lower down. The small metal bits in me here and there don't appear to be a problem, thankfully.)

I love the way our doctor talks. I wouldn't have cared as much once, but now I love a Welsh accent due to the Welsh tea cutie on Torchwood. Our doctor can bitch me out for using a colored tie and headband to cover my bullet wounds any day. Call me "Richard" in those annoyed Welsh tones some more, doctor, 'cause you know I love it. (My pseud came from me being clever. My name sounds like "Shool-dick," after all.) I have some lingering headaches, but nothing's messed up inside my skull.

Brad was thrilled by the damage me and Farf did. Thrilled. At that point Farf said he wants to rejoin us permanently, so Brad said he'd start looking for an apartment that had three bedrooms. I told him not to bother, because I couldn't take living with Farf anymore, not with his electricity crawling along my skin all the time we're in a space together. (Yes, let's all do that Linkin Park song together: "These wounds, they will not heeeeeeeeeeal....") I told him I'll be looking for my own apartment. Brad flipped his lid. Loudly and vehemently and with some punches and a lot of wrist grabbing. I retaliated, going from his American English to the local English when I really started to lose it and wallop back. I started out saying I was going to get my ass out and into a new apartment and ended with me saying I would have a new flat and I would kick his fucking arse. We surprised Farf, who never saw me and Brad white trash fight like this when he'd been with the team. I hadn't had as much say back then. He put himself bodily between us to stop it. Farf said he'd be willing to find his own place, but Brad doesn't want him moving out either. Yeah, Brad, we make great pets.

You should have seen the look on Brad's face when I announced that I was moving out on my own. Priceless. He hasn't looked out for my interests in too long, and the only time we ever have any sex or "give Schu some quiet stillness" time is when I get Farf out of the house and make it happen, so screw him.

I packed up my stuff and put it in storage. Locked doors are something Schwarz doesn't really doesn't respect because we all easily pick locks, and Brad can be a vengeful bitch, so why take a chance? When in London, I'm crashing with some activist friends while I look for a flat to call my own. I'm not going to my Nagi to live with because Brad would think that meant something I don't intend it to, and besides, Nagi recently thought it was so cute that Shudibi-chan has learned some light HTML and about cat macros.

I wonder how well Brad will handle wrangling Farf by himself. I've always wrangled everyone: making sure Farf didn't kill too many people we weren't being paid to kill, making sure Nagi was eating and wasn't staying up too late cybering....

I'll miss things, like watching Heroes downloads with Brad and Farf. We're all rooting for Sylar, who looks much better to me dressed as Zane, but Brad also has this thing for Adrian Pasdar. Yeah, Pasdar's hot, but Brad may be the only guy who thinks Pasdar was the best thing about Near Dark instead of the Aliens reunion team. C'mon, Lance Henriksen, Bill Paxton, and Jenette Goldstein as fun-loving psycho killers! Brad complains that they were reckless and undisciplined. Whatever. They died stupidly, but they were cool until then.

So I have my own back. It's me against 99.8% of the world. Reminding myself that no one is a special snowflake rings kind of hollow. But maybe if I don't have Farf's electricity rubbing my nerves raw all the time I won't be as hair-trigger angry as much.

Why did I forget that people suck so badly? Is this what happens when I keep my shields up more often?


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