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Alternates of folks I know are just popping up all over the place in the Nexus lately, and most of them are way too angsty for their own good.

More Weiß-related happenings than you can shake a stick at )


And everybody else )
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::Schu's Nexus living room now has a coffee table and a different couch. He's wearing a long-sleeved shirt, but the healing bracelet [livejournal.com profile] killwithmymind gave him a while ago is still visible along with some bruises.::

Nagi asked a question, and, sure enough, here she shows up. I personally think Nii would make a great Daddy for Töt. They both love stuffed bunnies, and they're both disturbing as all hell. She loves scientists. Maybe their bunnies could get together and... shit, I'm squicking myself. Anyway, they're the match-up of win.

Ken-ken's still in the Nexus. So cute! For now I'm lurking and letting other people mess with him. He's just too easy.

Ichigo's color is deep pink. Chicka chicka bow wow!

I waaaaaant one: blood puddle pillows.

I can't believe some people are actually donating blood to this guy. Yeah, I went through the Rosenkreuz School of Hard Knocks, but this is common sense, people! Speaking of, this humor article from The Onion amused me: "Majority of Parents Abuse Children, Children Report." It's tragic! The vegetables, the bed and bath times, the denial of new toys! The unwanted physical contact of being... hugged in front of your friends. Ja? Try growing up in the wrong side of Berlin in pre-unification Germany like a lot of my personalities did.

Hide the liquor, the kittens are alkies! That's a cat macro waiting to happen. Also, a comment of great justice: "OMG! That's why Hemingway cats developed thumbs! TO POUR HIM DRINKS"


Yeah, anyway, you might notice that my couch is different now. That's because I bled on the last one. It was a rougher job than usual, I had to Portal myself here to my couch so I wouldn't splat from hitting the ground from falling from a great height, then from here I had to PINpoint myself to our doctor because my head had been knocked around so badly I couldn't accurately Portal any further.... We have a special deal with him so I don't have to sit in a waiting room and sit in the middle of people radiating sickness and pain. Getting rid of the chip in my head means I can have CT scans done for my head, which is great. (The bullet that's lodged in my back is much lower down. The small metal bits in me here and there don't appear to be a problem, thankfully.)

I love the way our doctor talks. I wouldn't have cared as much once, but now I love a Welsh accent due to the Welsh tea cutie on Torchwood. Our doctor can bitch me out for using a colored tie and headband to cover my bullet wounds any day. Call me "Richard" in those annoyed Welsh tones some more, doctor, 'cause you know I love it. (My pseud came from me being clever. My name sounds like "Shool-dick," after all.) I have some lingering headaches, but nothing's messed up inside my skull.

Brad was thrilled by the damage me and Farf did. Thrilled. At that point Farf said he wants to rejoin us permanently, so Brad said he'd start looking for an apartment that had three bedrooms. I told him not to bother, because I couldn't take living with Farf anymore, not with his electricity crawling along my skin all the time we're in a space together. (Yes, let's all do that Linkin Park song together: "These wounds, they will not heeeeeeeeeeal....") I told him I'll be looking for my own apartment. Brad flipped his lid. Loudly and vehemently and with some punches and a lot of wrist grabbing. I retaliated, going from his American English to the local English when I really started to lose it and wallop back. I started out saying I was going to get my ass out and into a new apartment and ended with me saying I would have a new flat and I would kick his fucking arse. We surprised Farf, who never saw me and Brad white trash fight like this when he'd been with the team. I hadn't had as much say back then. He put himself bodily between us to stop it. Farf said he'd be willing to find his own place, but Brad doesn't want him moving out either. Yeah, Brad, we make great pets.

You should have seen the look on Brad's face when I announced that I was moving out on my own. Priceless. He hasn't looked out for my interests in too long, and the only time we ever have any sex or "give Schu some quiet stillness" time is when I get Farf out of the house and make it happen, so screw him.

I packed up my stuff and put it in storage. Locked doors are something Schwarz doesn't really doesn't respect because we all easily pick locks, and Brad can be a vengeful bitch, so why take a chance? When in London, I'm crashing with some activist friends while I look for a flat to call my own. I'm not going to my Nagi to live with because Brad would think that meant something I don't intend it to, and besides, Nagi recently thought it was so cute that Shudibi-chan has learned some light HTML and about cat macros.

I wonder how well Brad will handle wrangling Farf by himself. I've always wrangled everyone: making sure Farf didn't kill too many people we weren't being paid to kill, making sure Nagi was eating and wasn't staying up too late cybering....

I'll miss things, like watching Heroes downloads with Brad and Farf. We're all rooting for Sylar, who looks much better to me dressed as Zane, but Brad also has this thing for Adrian Pasdar. Yeah, Pasdar's hot, but Brad may be the only guy who thinks Pasdar was the best thing about Near Dark instead of the Aliens reunion team. C'mon, Lance Henriksen, Bill Paxton, and Jenette Goldstein as fun-loving psycho killers! Brad complains that they were reckless and undisciplined. Whatever. They died stupidly, but they were cool until then.

So I have my own back. It's me against 99.8% of the world. Reminding myself that no one is a special snowflake rings kind of hollow. But maybe if I don't have Farf's electricity rubbing my nerves raw all the time I won't be as hair-trigger angry as much.

Why did I forget that people suck so badly? Is this what happens when I keep my shields up more often?
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Kaa's brother, Kopi, didn't have much longer to live and was curious about the people Kaa was meeting in the Nexus, so Kaa asked for folks to visit and talk to him. I did. It's cool to have someone listen to me with that much enjoyment. R.I.P. Kopi.

Ichigo returned and went out to a very public part of the Nexus to ask how he could avoid me and others like me. Maybe avoiding making a spectacle of himself in a public part of the Nexus might help. Just saying.

Once again, someone asked Nexusites what they fear, but this time very few people told them. I'm proud of Hanatarou in particular for remembering what a bad idea it could be to go confessing that stuff to just anyone in a public venue from our little talk ages ago! I also give him credit for remembering the *ahem* coffee maker he'd left on and how he had to leave. Ja.

Hobgoblin asks the important questions! Nexusites answer.

John McClane also asks important questions: Why are we in the Nexus and don't we have shit elsewhere to do? Most of us answered with supreme snark. He replied back with supreme grumpiness, some of which was funny. For example, he told me to get a haircut, and I told him that it's not my fault he's balding.

One Reno asked about surviving revenge for a prank and whether professional attire is really all that necessary. Both topics are close to my heart, so I had to get involved. A different Reno had woken up in a dress that did nothing flattering for his body or coloring and asked who'd stolen his clothes. What made this especially priceless was that this was the third Reno the new Edward Elric had met that night, and Ed was rather "..." about it. Poetic justice!

Some tragedies play out over and over again, just mixing and matching alternates.

Li bodyswapped a bunch of people by accident, then came back to fix it days later. Yuuko was entertained and thrilled by the whole process. Blackmail photos can do that for a person. ((Grifter inside Harley Quinn's body did a rant about the bodyswap in [livejournal.com profile] dear_mun that led to further hilarity.))

Gojyo and Hakkai have been LOL'd. I don't suggest you visit without a lot of advance notice.

Lex Luthor is looking for personal assistants, and other!Schuldig nearly applied. I don't think he would have lasted long without getting bored and starting to play with his fellow employees' heads to entertain himself. At least I wouldn't be able to. I don't have much patience for office or admin work.

Some programs in the Nexus are communicating through cat macros. My favorites are the ninja cat one and "I sense danger." Or if the state of the English usually used in cat macros leaves you in utter dismay, you could go here with me. It all inspires me to whip out a cat macro of my own:

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I celebrated Easter with a lot of candy, particularly chocolate bunny ears, and a lot of sex. I may have huffed a bit too much nitrous oxide from balloons last night, though. London's nightlife is a bit weird. The problem with being a telepath hanging around people using drugs is that using drugs starts to seem like a better idea.


Siberian has arrived in the Nexus, and we're already breaking his brain. Not that there's so much brain there to break. Ah, Weiß. But he's good for [livejournal.com profile] just_a_murder in his way. You just keep being good for Aya, Ken-ken.

I have the bad feeling that someone is talking smack about me. I'll keep my eyes open to see if things get worse. Gojyo sure is. I'm annoyed that he put me on the spot about Schwarz-not-Schwarz, then didn't even have the decency to give me a cuddle. I even fetched him shit beer.

Three linked guys at different points on the wheel of their linked lives meet at a bar for one's birthday and get drunk. Hilarity ensues. I'm cheering Toki and Goku on.


I provided some advice to a Harry Potter and an older Simba. Lions grow up so fast. The last time I spoke to Simba he was a lot smaller and I was still LOL'd as a Barbie doll, albeit a gorgeous, hard-edged one.

The Joker is offering religion and somehow managing to be even creepier about it than the Daleks for Jesus. I refuse to accept a clown as my personal savior, even if he is openly homicidal.

Jason Todd asked for confirmation that there really are way too many Robins in the Nexus. I told him there are far more Edward Elrics, so he should count his blessings. Elric of Melniboné would back me up on that one.

That guy who doesn't have a name anymore must be low on cash, because he's ineptly trying to pick the Nexus' pockets. He didn't get any money off me, but he did give me a cheap if brief thrill.

A new, telepathic arrival asked what we thought of yaoi telepaths, and I told her that we're here, we're queer, get used to it.

This chickie only seems to show up about once a year, but she brought out Yuuko and Rukia's Valley best. ((Even though Rukia later castigated her mun for it at [livejournal.com profile] dear_mun.))


I had nothing to do with this at all, but it entertained me. Maxwell Lord is looking for ideas for a mascot for a chain of inter-dimensional fast food restaurants. "Creepy pedophile clowns are right out." We keep coming back to clowns, don't we?

((And Schu received some lovin' at [livejournal.com profile] good_rpers_rock! ::blush::))

Loose Ends

Feb. 26th, 2007 08:46 pm
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I talked to Nagi about what I was up to, and he repeated his offer of letting me join up with his organization. I said I didn't want to start a war between him and Brad, which I don't, but I don't want my ass beholden to him either. London Aya's with Kryptonbrand in the US doing something anti-drug related or whatever the hell it is his fruity new team does, which is convenient for Brad and Farf not being able to get to him as easily, so I Portaled to him to let him know that I might be fleeing Schwarz soon and that Brad and Farf might come looking for me to interrogate about my whereabouts. His answer was something like, "As if I'd welcome them with open arms, you moron." So Aya's just fine.


Ichigo was LOL'd and I got to watch, sit back, laugh, eat popcorn, and meet Rukia.

When Tom Servo turned giant and asked which city he should destroy, I suggested Toronto.

Nightwing is doing Nexus sexuality studies, and I contributed. I'm always ready to help in the name of Science! (And Evil.)
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::Schuldig smells of burnt hair, something like roasted pork, cigarettes, gunpowder, metal, and ozone. If you had to describe how he looks like he's feeling, "afterglow" might fit, but he's still capable of thought.::

With Farf back, Schwarz is a team instead of a couple again, and it's leaving the three of us off-balance, stuck between old habits and more recent behavior models. We're trying to figure out how much Schwarz should shift to accommodate Farf, especially since he hasn't committed to being back for good. The more often I get what I wanted without it being how I wanted it, the more I believe in a vengeful god.

Stuck in patterns of behavior you know are stupid and self-destructive? I've been there. Sometimes I am there. Then again, I'm far from alone in that.

Ichigo watched that thing about Charlie and the Candy Mountain and then complained about his brain cracking. That boy tortures himself so well, but I feel compelled to help anyway.

Florist/assassins? They may be more common than you think. As much as that may break everybody's brain.

[livejournal.com profile] man_of_means claims that February 12 is his birthday. So happy birthday, Greed. Your money is the same color as everyone else's.


Jan. 5th, 2007 11:59 pm
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Poor Ichigo needs to be protected from himself again. He doesn't know how fortunate he is that I've taken a charitable interest in him. Jessica Rabbit is convinced that I'm the decent sort of guy who cares more about a woman's brains than her bodacious body. Most of that is true. There's the possibility that blankets get a voyeuristic thrill from feeling the people under them. At least that's the impression I got from talking to Yarn. I rarely have yarn that answers back.


Schu-Schu's been a bit unsteady lately, folks. Unanchored. You might have noticed or not. It's been a combination of a lot of things.

I'm not adjusting as quickly to the move to London as I should be. I dunno if it's from being old--in Eszett's reckoning I'm 33 now, not that I necessarily trust that--or from spending so much time in Japan in the last 11 years on and off. I got too acclimated to things and the culture and language and automatically standing out from the crowd when I let myself be visible. You know what an attention whore I can be. Sometimes I actually touch Aya or Ken's minds just to feel something more familiar. I mean, Ken? That's pathetic. I'm trying to keep it all from Brad but he sees it a bit so he's shifting back and forth from the stern asshole he used to be to the more concerned partner he's had to become to keep me around, and it's freaking both of us out. My Nagi wanted to show up to help me out, but he'd be a familiar taste to hide in right now, and I have to be more ruthless with myself.

Farf hasn't been around much. I really should have expected that, considering. It's not his fault.

I met [livejournal.com profile] killwithmymind's Schuldig, who has really been a gigantic disappointment. I know he's much younger but fuck I am sure I wasn't that dumb. There's just no way.

And then there's London Aya, who's kind of a positive but still mindbreaking thing. cut for those who don't want to bother with a long bit about me and London Aya )
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For somebody who hates talking to me so much, Ichigo sure does have long conversations with me. Meanwhile, Xandir is learning that in the Nexus it's best to ask your partner's age first, even if he looks older and more ripped than you do.

This article shows why I wouldn't mind being Karl Lagerfeld when I grow up. (See icon.) And, for all you haters out there, my fashion sense is ahead of its time.
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I'm finding new victims making new friends in the Nexus, which is great after my long dry spell. I've spoken to Kurosaki Ichigo once, though we're already getting along so well that he said I was cute, and spoken to Xandir P. Whifflebottom on two separate occasions, although he's always in and out of the Nexus.

I've been helping Nagi with some unexpected guests and helping Yohji with a different unexpected guest at Gojyo's house. I'm so overflowing with the milk of human kindness that I gross out even myself.

Banri still needs his ass kicked, and the only reason why I'm not doing it is because I promised Gojyo. But if that sleaze gets near anyone I think of as mine, all bets are off.


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