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Allison 'Aftershock' Dillon asked about avoiding medication and what you think about your parents. A new Aya in the Nexus attracted some attention. Ianto Jones asked how long a mourning period is appropriate and when to move on after you've lost a loved one. The Master asked about Easter and why he hasn't gotten a holiday in his honor yet. Enzan wondered what he should do first since he escaped from imprisonment. Zed asked about making people get one's name right and Remy wondered if we believe in astrology. Gin wondered if it's still murder if you kill someone invading your territory and I, like a lot of other people, said it was self-defense. Ned asked about having superpowers, whether you'd become a hero, and if you did whether you'd let people know about it.

Gwen wondered what people love and hate about their jobs. I let one boy know that he'd reached the Nexus, not America. John Hart asked how to handle pregnancy. I shared my ideas of the perfect house and my thoughts on the AVF with Will Stanton. A text asked the Nexus their opinions on medications and smells. Buffy asked about white chocolate, which I despise. I told Bran about an embarrassing injury I got once and asked what you should do when your brilliant idea doesn't work out as planned. Andy Kaufman asked if a love relationship between colleagues could work. Regulus Black asked Nexusians to define heroes and traitors for him. Anonymous text asked the Nexus for love advice. A Doctor asked if people like their jobs. Kaa asked if we could eat creatures that could think and reason as we do, and I said I could. Dark Link wondered if one good deed could lead to long-lasting personality change.

((Schuldig and Aya both answered a text question from a mystery person asking whether your job is a passion or obligation. Cat Alex showed up when J asked where the Nexus women were. When the Ghost Rider asked people about consequences, regrets, and whether they miss anyone they despised, Aya spoke up. An anonymous text message asked what you wish someone had explained to you about the Nexus when you first arrived and what you think should be improved or changed about it. Schuldig asked people about guilty pleasures and black bean soup with too much corn in it. Aya spoke with Sora about whether attack or appeasement is best and talked to Nagi to get advice on handling a small telepathic talent. Aya gave his opinion to Dr. Isley Mitchell about when to take the law in one's own hands and what's more important than the law.

((Maya gave the Nexus some questions about ice cream. Delirium looked for her people in the Nexus. Dionysus asked us what we would be god or goddess of if given the choice. Mr. Grey wanted our thoughts on our alternates. Kyon asked which we'd prefer: a normal life or a life full of crazy things and people. Jin wondered what it is about people that makes us consider them our friends and trustworthy. When J asked who makes you sappy and romantic, Aya answered. Aya tried to help a guy find his inner bravery. Kaa feels that it's getting lonelier lately. Harper discussed his middle name with Lawr. Aya and Schuldig spoke to a somewhat critical Doctor.))

((At [livejournal.com profile] dear_mun, Schuldig spoke to a Ritsuka who was tired of being molested and groped. Dr. Henry Killinger offered his services. Schuldig teased an Aya and a Yohji who showed up and spoke to an Ichigo whose mun is turning him into an AU character. Schuldig demanded more excitement and participation. Schuldig talked to a homeless Farfarello. The Kool-Aid Man frightened lots of people. [livejournal.com profile] damned's Ken is ticked off at his mun. Aya and Schuldig spoke to the new [livejournal.com profile] damned Aya.))


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