Jan. 13th, 2009 02:25 am
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I had some decent and rambling talks with Danica, once starting out about relationships and once starting out about wererats. I got Christmas baking from Brody, and we talked about what we do for holidays, though I couldn't help him with a problem he had a few days later. I had a brief exchange with the Kuchisake-onna about getting into the holiday spirit. Nagi and I exchanged Christmas gifts, and Nagi handed out gifts to other people too. Nagi continues having trouble with his client, Mamoru, and Kritiker.

New Year's Day resulted in a glitterbomb LOL. I had a nice talk about life with Dracula, a much shorter talk with a different vampire, and tried to help Anita Blake straighten out her sex life. I might have had better luck with the last one if she'd drawn up some flow charts for me. Lilith Carthwright drew out Harper by asking about superheroes. Kakyou couldn't help answering when a Fuuma showed up. I gave Crow Jane a 9 for jumping the shark. Sarah asked if 15 was too young to move out. Nagi couldn't avoid getting snippy with Jean-Claude and a young, blonde, beautiful werewolf. I can't blame him.

((The House celebrated [ profile] survivorsguilt's birthday. [ profile] wireboundheart and [ profile] just_a_murder finished Yotan's big mission on Christmas Day. Aya got a chance to catch up with [ profile] feline_casanova but was less successful talking with Sanzo, while Ran-chan was shocked as hell to see Sanzo alive. Nagi went to talk to [ profile] feline_casanova's Aya.))

((At [ profile] dear_mun, Schu talked to another Schuldig who's transitioning to a new community and retconning. [ profile] just_a_murder had a brief conversation with an Aya he's spoken to before. The double Sunako Nakaharas were fun. A Brad Crawford showing up drew out several members of several different Schwarzes, while Crawford later mentioning wearing a ball gag in another post inevitably drew out my Schu.))


Nov. 22nd, 2008 03:29 am
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Me and Red had a huge argument, so bad that he was on the verge of attacking me (again) and I took off telling him I wouldn't return until he cooled off, which I know will just piss him off more but there's no way in hell I'll throw down with him short of someone paying me big cash for it. He's pissed that I come and go as I please while he can't show up at will in my reality as I can in his. While I see his point, I know the little psycho doesn't love me, but he needs me to be obsessed or in love with him. The way I wander in now and then just shows him that he's not really important to me. I can't get him to understand that he would be more important to me if he didn't make me feel like he's with me and humoring me with sex just to get Catholic bashing from me.

When am I gonna learn my lesson about Farfarellos?


Ten asked who had a code name. Brody asked what we're tired of justifying to people. A meme revealed him, he feels falsely, as the Loverboy, while I'm supposedly the False Messiah, which makes me laugh like hell. At another time we talked about lyrics. I talked with Amalia about troublesome and unwanted duties.

((Worried about [ profile] wireboundheart, Aya asked the Nexus for stress relief suggestions. When Yohji returned, Aya learned that things had gotten worse [NSFW]. When Raven asked about alternates, Aya had a brief conversation with her about the mistakes he'd made with [ profile] dream_departed.

((Nagi asked [ profile] feline_casanova to the Nexus prom but was turned down, partly from Yohji and Sanzo having a thing going on. Schu went to the prom and had briefly discussed what he would wear before it with the General. Nagi struck out while trying to reestablish good contact with Gojyo and Hakkai, and when a conversation between him and Schu in the Nexus brought it up, Schu told him that Gojyo was being a dick. A post by Daimon Winter asking for psychics drew out Schu, Nagi, and Mio Hongo. Toki and Gojyo had a phone conversation about the people who've unexpectedly returned to the Nexus.))

((At [ profile] dear_mun, Allistar generated even more drama.))
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I'm still amused over how I volunteered myself and [ profile] just_a_murder for a bout of speed dating. I don't know if Aya got any lasting benefits out of it but just putting him in that situation was rewarding for me. ((Aya complained about it at [ profile] dear_mun and was mistaken for another Aya by Nataku.)) Max did a kinda insulting poll about the speed dating afterwards. Hmph. The multiverse wouldn't be able to handle how gorgeous my children would be.

But Aya's new spirit of friendliness came out when he started a conversation with Fish about food, talked to Toshiko about how he uses or doesn't use foreknowledge, and discussed knowledge and power with Revan. Aya and I formally introduced ourselves to Fish when he asked the Nexus for introductions. Still upset over what happened to [ profile] wireboundheart a while back, Aya asked the Nexus about people who could possess bodies.

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Morpheus has been getting sweet justice. Farf's still... Godly. Sena went from being a kitty to being a catboi and asked the Nexus about the added weirdness of that. Another Crawford showed up in the Nexus, and he was as much of an ass as the rest of them. I didn't waste much time on this one. Pyro Ken showed up to burn things. Ran-chan's brother appeared in the Nexus, looking for her. Aya-chan showed up too.

((Goku and Nagi are talking, so War planning and recruitment continue, as does planning for the break-in at Nii's. Nagi went to [ profile] feline_casanova's reality for more info. Sanzo was around for a bit. [ profile] devilnordeath hears about people being drawn into the Yohji rescue effort and contacts Nagi about it.

[ profile] wireboundheart took [ profile] just_a_murder out for their one-year anniversary, and it was NSFW as usual.))

Jonathan says he's doing better, which is cool. Kopi looked for advice. Hanatarou asked what you'll never get tired of, and I mentioned my fashion sense. Kaa asked if you could eat someone, who would it be. Tohji asked what your evil twin would be like, and I said mine would be boring. A new, hip, happening Robin has show up. Proteus asked for thoughts on monogamy. You can guess my answer. Greed also asked about monogamy, though in a more crass way. Liz asked what folks do when a fight leaves them semi- to totally naked. Nova's question brought Harper out. Lawr's finally legal age in some places. Tom Servo proposed to the whole Nexus. Mikey asked who your heroes and superheroes are.

Brody was out in the Nexus a lot, asking how to pitch a job to his parents, asking for fashion confirmation, asking for advice on split lips and Satanists, and apologizing for his speaking in tongues ((as first foretold in this [ profile] dear_mun post)) and asking for advice on breaking news of the oncoming apocalypse to his parents.

((In [ profile] dear_mun, [ profile] dr_y_a_n_a is bored, and that's just not right.))
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Duke Devlin showed up asking about fangirls, so of course Weiß turned out for it. [ profile] feline_casanova's Aya unbent on something for the first time ever, so of course it was on the wrong thing and led to Yohji asking a question.

Sanzo's back in the Nexus and asking questions about changing other realities. He and Hakkai have been feeling unsettled lately but I can't be arsed to go digging after why. ((But not everyone is displeased.)) Yohji's even more upset than he was before, but I am really not going to go digging into that if I don't have to. So why do I get the feeling it's all going to get launched into my lap at some point? Experience.


I talked to yet another Saxon-era Master in the Nexus. I like [ profile] dr_y_a_n_a better.


The Nexus Awards have been decided and almost no one is happy. What a surprise!


I'm still writing to Jonathan.

((In [ profile] dear_mun, other!Schuldig laments what has happened to him and his role as Nii's pawn in the upcoming War.))

Has Sprung

Apr. 2nd, 2007 04:05 pm
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Spring is in the air, and so are personal ads for love or at least some kind of terrifying hook-up. Even Daleks are responding. I can't stand being too close to Daleks since I can actually read the screaming little minds inside the pepper pot casings, but damn are they hilarious from a distance.


Al's back! We just needed Edward Elric #1,346 (Ah, ah!) to arrive to bring him out. Kitten Tits has grown up a bit, but at least he's not all angular and gawky like he was during that one growing-up LOL. We like our Alphonses soft and cute! Rounded and firmly packed!


Kaa did an April Fool's Day joke. It's a shame it wasn't real, because just think of a little baby Kaa looking for strokings! That would have been the coolest! I was tempted to do an April Fool's joke but couldn't think of something folks would think of as completely out of character for me.


I'm having a Frey Suprême Citron & Poivre Dark Chocolate bar, and it's so good.


((Yup, it's Spring and sap is rising ::cough::, as is denial, so in [ profile] dear_mun Schu is poking [ profile] some_priest and his mun about some notmaking out that has been going on.))
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Brad's still sulking like a little bitch, but Farf's been good with me, so Brad can't complain about our job performance. Neither of them have been too pushy. It's weird being a team again but good too. It's hard to explain.

I still keep tabs on [ profile] cursed_bird, though I haven't seen him in a while, and keep thinking about the ace of Fire Rhys drew for me....


Gojyo has a pet, and if I hadn't been there he might've started feeding it ramen. Sad. Sanzo's helpful though, even if sometimes it feels like he's helpful despite himself.

I've also talked to Captain Jack Hotness Harkness about his Doctor problem.
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I poked Sanzo for a bit and he didn't snap. Surprising but fun. He and Aya would be pretty together but just wouldn't work out in that sexy manner. They're too alike in the wrong ways.


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