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December 7, 2001
a Rome, Italy

When Schuldig Portaled into Farfarello's Roman apartment, Farfarello did indeed look like he wanted to have a chat, just as Schu had felt. Could a telepathic link really cross realities and time zones? He didn't let any of his surprise and disquiet show on his face.

"Good," Farfarello said. "I felt and thought really hard at you."

"As long as you didn't rupture anything. Actually, I just felt like showing up." Liar. Hopefully Red wouldn't catch that. "What's on your mind? And do make sure to stay on the other side of the room." Schu refused to sit on the bed for similar reasons. Read more... )


Jan. 13th, 2009 02:25 am
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I had some decent and rambling talks with Danica, once starting out about relationships and once starting out about wererats. I got Christmas baking from Brody, and we talked about what we do for holidays, though I couldn't help him with a problem he had a few days later. I had a brief exchange with the Kuchisake-onna about getting into the holiday spirit. Nagi and I exchanged Christmas gifts, and Nagi handed out gifts to other people too. Nagi continues having trouble with his client, Mamoru, and Kritiker.

New Year's Day resulted in a glitterbomb LOL. I had a nice talk about life with Dracula, a much shorter talk with a different vampire, and tried to help Anita Blake straighten out her sex life. I might have had better luck with the last one if she'd drawn up some flow charts for me. Lilith Carthwright drew out Harper by asking about superheroes. Kakyou couldn't help answering when a Fuuma showed up. I gave Crow Jane a 9 for jumping the shark. Sarah asked if 15 was too young to move out. Nagi couldn't avoid getting snippy with Jean-Claude and a young, blonde, beautiful werewolf. I can't blame him.

((The House celebrated [livejournal.com profile] survivorsguilt's birthday. [livejournal.com profile] wireboundheart and [livejournal.com profile] just_a_murder finished Yotan's big mission on Christmas Day. Aya got a chance to catch up with [livejournal.com profile] feline_casanova but was less successful talking with Sanzo, while Ran-chan was shocked as hell to see Sanzo alive. Nagi went to talk to [livejournal.com profile] feline_casanova's Aya.))

((At [livejournal.com profile] dear_mun, Schu talked to another Schuldig who's transitioning to a new community and retconning. [livejournal.com profile] just_a_murder had a brief conversation with an Aya he's spoken to before. The double Sunako Nakaharas were fun. A Brad Crawford showing up drew out several members of several different Schwarzes, while Crawford later mentioning wearing a ball gag in another post inevitably drew out my Schu.))
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I had a nice little Christmas. Rose-red didn't accept my invitation, but I didn't really expect him to have the guts to. It was Nagi, Brad, and me eating and opening presents and, to my happiness, ending up in a threesome. I was taking all the ribbons and bows off my gifts and putting them on team mates, people got excited, and things happened. I'm certainly not complaining.

My Christmas celebration with Red Farf had a much higher bodycount. I think we reached the triple digits. He was impressed enough that eventually he patted my head, said, "That'll do," and brought me to his home to toss me into his bed. I think I need to rediscover my ability to say no to him or at least moderate things.

New Year's Eve was one of my sleepover times with Brad, and he woke me at sunrise to ring in the new year or some shit. I grumbled, cursed him, and threatened grievous bodily harm until he made it worth my while, and afterward I could just go back to sleep and stay as long as I wanted. I'd forgotten that was one of the joys of living with someone.
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"Pope likens 'saving' gays to saving the rainforest"

Brad says I can't kill him, while Red Farf would probably celebrate anything that turns more people away from the faith, but I would love to show the Vatican what "a deviation, an irregularity, a wound" really looks like.
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Things have been weird lately. Or I've been weirder than usual. Read more... )
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Although I took a bit of an outside-of-my-own-time break at Red's Italian flat already, when Brad saw me yesterday he finally decided to give me some time off. It's about time, 'cause he's starting to look ragged too. I ended up visiting Nagi in Tokyo and playing that new Wii lightsaber duel game with him for a few hours. Sabers were slung, trash was talked, fun was had, and I found out that Wii-motes make it somewhat easier for sneaky telekinetics to cheat. I told him that I knew I wasn't actually that spastic so quit messing with my Wii-mote. I love the little bastard.

Schwarz was partly made up of huge nerds. Deal with it.
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Brad also got his gift in before the deadline yesterday. He took me out to a club dressed as a goth, and we played around with it all night long. I have three photos of it, but I'm not sharing 'em because him knowing I showed other people would lessen the likelihood of him doing something like it ever again.

I could also tell that he was annoyed that Nagi got me such a good gift, even though he enjoyed my added value softer skin himself the whole time.
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My Nagi saved his hash by treating me to a birthmonth spa day. I was exfoliated, oiled, and massaged. I got a facial, a mani-pedi, and deep conditioning for my hair. Then we had a sleepover. I still feel all tingly.

My Brad has one day left to fete me before I'll be forced to take vengeance on him.


May. 24th, 2008 01:35 am
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I had to be away for a bit. Some situations call for lawyers psychics, guns, and money on a longer-term basis. Interesting work at least.
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Thinking about the holidays lately reminded me that I'd been looking forward to Farf participating in the Feats of Strength for Festivus this year. He wouldn't try to pin Brad the way I would, sure, but I'd wanted to see....

I'll muddle through. I always do.


Dec. 8th, 2007 12:23 am
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I didn't mention it earlier, but Thanksgiving was... nice. Brad was good, since he was the one who wanted to do this holiday most, and Nagi even came in from Tokyo. I made an apple pie based off the cooking skills of a neighbor and didn't tell them it was me until after they'd eaten it. They never would have tried it if they'd known.

Everybody stayed overnight, and my hair was played with by all.
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My ex walked into the Nexus all lamb of God, meek and mild. I'm deeply skeeved, personally and on behalf of the person I loved once, but I also don't trust the new "Peace be with you" shtik. I simply told Brad that Farf's achieved a different kind of craziness and to keep on his guard.

I regret having been involved with him.
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I stopped coughing and sneezing building dust out of my head and lungs days ago, which is a great relief. My funeral for Farfarello seems to have created something of a religious crisis in the reality I did it in; the clippings I've been collecting have been interesting.

Brad wined and dined me again last night big time. This is more like the treatment I should be getting. He's prickly about the threat to his life, but he's focused right now, which is very attractive to me.

Aya and I ran across each other in a crowd. I was willing to pass like two ships in the night, but he wanted to talk so we ended up in a hotel room... and ended up doing more than talking. The sex was great, don't get me wrong, but it felt like a gyp. We were heading somewhere steadily and naturally before everything blew up in August, but now it's some spur of the moment, crazy-desperate act of passion bullshit. In the end, I still can't let him come home to me ever again unless he cut all ties with Kryptonbrand, which he won't, and he goes back to Ken.

Altogether, it's not enough.


Oct. 26th, 2007 04:48 pm
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I had a kind of funeral for Farfarello yesterday, and my head still hurts from the telepathic work involved. Ambition has its price, but when I throw an event it has to be special.

Now I know who killed him and nearly got me and Brad killed as well: [livejournal.com profile] cursed_bird. It's not simply a psycho ex thing because he's threatening people in Nagi's life too. I'm putting together ideas on how to put a stop to this bullshit but asked the Nexus to see if anyone there had some nasty cool things to add. Most of them didn't, but some of it may help.

Brad's still pissed that someone I met in the Nexus is trying to destroy our team. Then he had the gall to be surprised for a few minutes that I didn't want to move back in with him or let him move in with me. I'm not gonna forget all the stuff he let happen before. He got the picture fairly quickly, though. I guess you can teach an old Brad new tricks. Or he realized anew that I'm all he has left of Schwarz so he should give me more respect and space.

So I'm depressed and angry. And headthrobby. Broken mind links take time to heal.
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Brad's voice in Schuldig's head interrupted an enjoyable round of shooting people. ::Schuldig, the building is going to come down around us!::

They were in the basement, and Schu's memory of the layout and telepathic scan told him that none of them were even near a stairwell that would lead them close to a way out. He heard an explosion and felt everything start to rumble around him. There weren't any Portals close by, and Schu didn't have the time to yank one over. Why the hell hadn't Brad seen this before now? Chunks of the ceiling were coming down.... Schu ran to a doorway and took out a PINpoint and PMQ, but setting coordinates based on his telepathic impression of where Brad is, especially when Brad is moving quickly, is so difficult. He didn't have time for this shit! He PINpointed.

Brad, in the middle of a large room and a crowd of targets, was getting pelted badly by ceiling debris when Schu arrived, which meant Schuldig was too now. Schu grabbed him and PINpointed them to the preset location of his Nexus couch, then left him to return to the basement. Or try to. The PINpoint wouldn't let him arrive inside solid objects, so he got bounced to someplace outside what used to be the building, and he couldn't hear Farfarello's static anymore. There was an aching hollow where his link to Farfarello had been. For a while he stared at the pile of girders, chunks of stone, and flaming debris. Finally he returned to his couch to bring Brad back.

Read more... )


Oct. 14th, 2007 09:23 pm
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I told Brad about [livejournal.com profile] cursed_bird's threat to kill him and Farf sometime before the end of the year. He didn't like hearing that I didn't know when or how. Didn't like hearing that my ex had threatened his life. I told him that it wasn't my fault he and Farf had treated me like shit and that he was lucky I gave him any warning at all.

A lot of days I wouldn't mind Brad dying, but I'm not big on anyone making highhanded pronouncements from above. This makes it more sporting.


Oct. 3rd, 2007 04:09 pm
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I've been playing Viva Caligula online a bit. I dunno how Nagi gets into these games, because they're so arbitrary. Real life combat is so different. And who knew the old whores would be some of the most dangerous unarmored prey? The biddies gang up on you and kick. The crossbow is my favorite weapon of the four I've picked up so far. There's no microphone on Marilyn though, so I can't scream into my laptop for more rage/insanity power. Pity, that.

Heroes is back, so I'm watching downloads with Brad and Farf. Season two is not thrilling us. spoilers )

Farf continued asking his anonymous Nexus questions, one involving a story with monks, one that brought Tribbles into the Nexus, and another asking for volunteers. Yeah. I'm his ex, and he didn't think I'd figure it out? Anyway. Looks like Schwarz in my reality should maybe fear for their lives. I haven't decided whether to bring it up to them yet or not.

[livejournal.com profile] wireboundheart came into the Nexus super-angsty, which led to Aya-kun comforting him and Hisoka... fixing him. Hisoka asked for training help later. ((Aya comforting Yohji continued here and eventually turned NSFW. Hey, it's Yotan.)) Later, Aya-kun had an angsty answer to a Nexus question about having kids.

Read more... )
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After sustaining really serious injuries, Farfarello was taken off active duty for several weeks. It was blissful working alone with Brad again for a while, but all good things come to an end.

What really makes it suck is that Farfarello and I work well together aside from the personal crap and how I can't spend much time around him at once with his current ability without feeling like ants are crawling under my skin and inside my brain.
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Schuldig could feel Aya approaching the building. Fine. Let him come. Maybe if they had it out, Aya would be less likely to look for him. Heh. Sure. Fujimiya Aya would become less of a stubborn git. Right.

As he continued packing, Schuldig started to think that maybe he should stop accumulating so much stuff. At least he should if he had to keep changing residence every couple of months. He didn't want to move again.

Within moments of the door opening and closing, Schuldig heard a "What the hell are you doing?"

"You're brighter than that," Schuldig answered. "Consider the evidence of your eyes. There are boxes. Here I'm filling them. My flat is mostly packed away. Conclusion: I'm moving out."

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