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((Asked if innocence was a positive trait, Schuldig said it was... in other people. Ryan King asked if people wanted to know the future, which led to Schu talking about his own partner with precognition, whether Nexusians were optimists, pessimists, or realists, and what's people's favorite places, where they feel safe. Schu said he might be a clown for Halloween, though that's not quite what happened. Crane asked what about Halloween appeals to people, or if it doesn't why not, and if people believe there's a thin line between love and hate. When someone asked about the line between protecting and policing and about policing the Nexus, Schu wasn't keen on policing at all. Captain John Hart got dumped, so Schu told him about some of his own past dumpings. Another Master showed up in the Nexus, asking about forgiveness.

((Zatoichi asked for favorite ways to pass time on a trip, and Schu said his was annoying the hell out of people. Doc Brown asked how old people felt. Q was very hurt and annoyed about certain people refusing to accept his gifts. Julian wanted to know what walls are for. Schuldig answered a text message about the cold and things you miss and another one about conformity, fitting in, being broken, and dysfunction. Schu told Mia O'Brien that he makes trouble when he's bored. Penny asked how people find ways to let go and was somewhat appalled by what Schu confided. When Rogue asked if anyone had ever talked themselves out of happiness or good mood, Schu told her about Aya, though he didn't name names. Richard "Shade" Swift asked what the purpose of guilt was. An anonymous text message asked what you do with a Robin bird in the hand.

((Yotan was LOL'd into a gender change. Aya found him, and they went to Yotan's Nexus apartment together (NSFW). Aya answered a question but was brushed off by the questioner for being a vigilante. When Lara Raith asked how people go about getting what they want, and what's the most dangerous thing you've had happen to you, Aya answered. When Captain Jack Harkness asked for people's favorite ways to de-stress or calm down, Aya mentioned quiet, good books, and his fiancé, while Schu spoke of party music, bier, lovers, and sometimes vengeance.))

((A Ken with his mind rewritten wandered into [livejournal.com profile] dear_mun, so of course Schu had to poke at him.))
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