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Hey, [livejournal.com profile] irrelevant_cat, wherever you are, happy birthday, kid.
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Aw! [livejournal.com profile] irrelevant_cat got me a broken gingerbread man for my LJ info page. I've missed you, sweet! His note says,

For my favorite telepathic assassin,

It's not much and I can't be there to say Happy Holidays in person, but I
just had to get this for you.  Something about it just reminds me of you.


Reminds him of me? How so, I wonder. Could it be that its head is unattached? Or that it's good to eat?
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I'm having another nice discussion with the Voice of God. Philosophical and stuff. It's so weird talking to someone I don't get any emanations from at all.
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Still bored. Ask me three questions and I'll answer 'em.
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I've been so bored with the Nexus lately. Most of my favorite people either aren't around or are off doing things I'm not interested in.

But I got [livejournal.com profile] just_a_murder to agree to go to Vegas with me, and he even dressed up a bit since we were going to see Cirque du Soleil. We took in the shows, we snarked at the cheese, we gambled and even won some money. I got to see him smile a bit and have fun and even pogo a tiny bit with excitement when we won a particularly big score.

And I got a long, long kiss. Damn, but I want to work on Aya's kissing experience as much as possible because he keeps getting better and better. That little gasp he makes when you touch his back right there during a kiss, the way he turns his head, the way he looks at you afterward, aroused and dazed and surprised.... Mmmm. It's criminal that he's not hooking up constantly.
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I've been out and about lately, spreading joy everywhere I go. I put the sages to work on helping Aya-kun with his personal life, and sweet Ritsuka made quite an impression on him. I'm very proud.

I had a heated discussion with Hakkai and a different one with Gojyo. One just developed without me trying, the other I started. It's good to clear the air now and then.

I'm still waiting to hear whether Aya-kun will let me take him to Vegas.

Nagi got me a useful and pretty prezzie. I do love that boy.
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I finally got Aya to go out for karaoke with me, telling him that we were both sad bastards so we should go out and have fun. I took him to this bar in New York City, got a beer into him, and assured him that none of these people would ever see him again. And it worked. Guy sings well, even in English, and the crowd liked him. Very good voice, and I made sure he stayed by me when I went up to make me better when I sang. He even enjoyed himself. So there.
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Now that I'm healed and in less danger of a near death, Brad's gone back to being gruff and snappish but worse because now he's embarrassed he became so emotional and soft over me. I get to feel him working himself up into a righteous rage over how he "wasted" things on me when I wouldn't actually be dying after all and would remember he'd done it. It also turns out that the whole near death thing put a gloss over how unlikeable I really am.

I guessed this might happen--I've known him for over 20 years--but some moronic part of me hoped that Brad would see how good things were. I... liked him being affectionate with me. Who doesn't want to be liked by at least someone? Even stuff I would have sneered at once, like watching cheesy sci-fi movies with him on the couch like we were a couple or something, I'd really come to like. I thought maybe he'd decide he'd like it like I did and decide to stay with it even when my health was good.

Now just being around him hurts. I hear his anger and disdain clearly. So I haven't been home much lately. I've been clubbing or hanging with Nagi when he's not working or visiting Fluffy.

I just came home and he was pissed that I'd been out so much lately. I told him I couldn't be around him when I could feel him being so angry at me for living after all. He said that was ridiculous, since he paid 50% of the healer's fee, didn't he? And he said it like that meant he owned me. It turned ugly fast. Physical violence kind of ugly. We scored some hits on each other. I left before we got to killing each other.

I don't know if he'll get his head on straight soon. It has to be soon, because I can't deal with this kind of shit at home and in my working partnership.

I'd seen the possibility. I just hadn't thought it would be this bad or hurt this much. Emotions make fools of us all.

I didn't even get much time to just be purely happy about being cured....
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Cute, sweet kid. I seem to be ingratiating myself well today, though mostly with those of the semi-feline persuasion.

I couldn't help wondering how [livejournal.com profile] killwithmymind would react to Ritsuka, considering his fetish and all, though we have to keep in mind that Ritsuka's 12 and he still has those ears for a reason.


Finally, Captain Jack Sparrow intends to save Sands by killing him, and I helped. Maybe.


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