Jan. 13th, 2009 02:25 am
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I had some decent and rambling talks with Danica, once starting out about relationships and once starting out about wererats. I got Christmas baking from Brody, and we talked about what we do for holidays, though I couldn't help him with a problem he had a few days later. I had a brief exchange with the Kuchisake-onna about getting into the holiday spirit. Nagi and I exchanged Christmas gifts, and Nagi handed out gifts to other people too. Nagi continues having trouble with his client, Mamoru, and Kritiker.

New Year's Day resulted in a glitterbomb LOL. I had a nice talk about life with Dracula, a much shorter talk with a different vampire, and tried to help Anita Blake straighten out her sex life. I might have had better luck with the last one if she'd drawn up some flow charts for me. Lilith Carthwright drew out Harper by asking about superheroes. Kakyou couldn't help answering when a Fuuma showed up. I gave Crow Jane a 9 for jumping the shark. Sarah asked if 15 was too young to move out. Nagi couldn't avoid getting snippy with Jean-Claude and a young, blonde, beautiful werewolf. I can't blame him.

((The House celebrated [ profile] survivorsguilt's birthday. [ profile] wireboundheart and [ profile] just_a_murder finished Yotan's big mission on Christmas Day. Aya got a chance to catch up with [ profile] feline_casanova but was less successful talking with Sanzo, while Ran-chan was shocked as hell to see Sanzo alive. Nagi went to talk to [ profile] feline_casanova's Aya.))

((At [ profile] dear_mun, Schu talked to another Schuldig who's transitioning to a new community and retconning. [ profile] just_a_murder had a brief conversation with an Aya he's spoken to before. The double Sunako Nakaharas were fun. A Brad Crawford showing up drew out several members of several different Schwarzes, while Crawford later mentioning wearing a ball gag in another post inevitably drew out my Schu.))


May. 5th, 2008 02:50 am
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Damn, I feel horny and restless lately. My flat's been seeming kinda lonely too. Maybe it's a May thing? Or a seeing Aya recently thing. Or both.

Clark Kent asked what's wrong with superheroes. Other people already got in some good reasons before I got there, but I added my two cents. Tyler Durden asked what we would do to him if he destroyed the most important thing or person in our lives. Kaa asked about breaking alcoholism and got me to promise to come see his brother sometime. Puck put some Nexusites into a different state of mind.

((Ran-chan's brother is getting out of the hospital. Lavi met the empathic Mamoru. Nagi filled [ profile] just_a_murder in on said Mamoru's ability and affiliation and helped the LOL'd [ profile] burntonight shop for women's clothing. ))

((At [ profile] dear_mun, a Ken talked about weird goings-on at his comm.))

Break Time

Apr. 27th, 2008 09:10 pm
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::Schuldig is dozing in his Nexus living room, curled up on his couch, here because he's tired of London and Italy right now. He has a bandage wrapped around his right forearm, visible since he's wearing a T-shirt. He's very open to having company, though, and will wake up if anyone approaches.::

Just Packed

Apr. 8th, 2008 11:53 pm


Feb. 7th, 2008 04:16 pm
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Sena is finally deLOL'd. The kid was a kitten and then a cat boy for months. Mamoru asked if the Nexus can change people, probably because Nagi is confusing him. Good work, Nagi. Brody, vampire magnet, asked how we feel about vampires and got philosophical.
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Morpheus has been getting sweet justice. Farf's still... Godly. Sena went from being a kitty to being a catboi and asked the Nexus about the added weirdness of that. Another Crawford showed up in the Nexus, and he was as much of an ass as the rest of them. I didn't waste much time on this one. Pyro Ken showed up to burn things. Ran-chan's brother appeared in the Nexus, looking for her. Aya-chan showed up too.

((Goku and Nagi are talking, so War planning and recruitment continue, as does planning for the break-in at Nii's. Nagi went to [ profile] feline_casanova's reality for more info. Sanzo was around for a bit. [ profile] devilnordeath hears about people being drawn into the Yohji rescue effort and contacts Nagi about it.

[ profile] wireboundheart took [ profile] just_a_murder out for their one-year anniversary, and it was NSFW as usual.))

Jonathan says he's doing better, which is cool. Kopi looked for advice. Hanatarou asked what you'll never get tired of, and I mentioned my fashion sense. Kaa asked if you could eat someone, who would it be. Tohji asked what your evil twin would be like, and I said mine would be boring. A new, hip, happening Robin has show up. Proteus asked for thoughts on monogamy. You can guess my answer. Greed also asked about monogamy, though in a more crass way. Liz asked what folks do when a fight leaves them semi- to totally naked. Nova's question brought Harper out. Lawr's finally legal age in some places. Tom Servo proposed to the whole Nexus. Mikey asked who your heroes and superheroes are.

Brody was out in the Nexus a lot, asking how to pitch a job to his parents, asking for fashion confirmation, asking for advice on split lips and Satanists, and apologizing for his speaking in tongues ((as first foretold in this [ profile] dear_mun post)) and asking for advice on breaking news of the oncoming apocalypse to his parents.

((In [ profile] dear_mun, [ profile] dr_y_a_n_a is bored, and that's just not right.))


Nov. 8th, 2007 05:46 pm
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A pyrokinetic, Schwarz version of Hidaka Ken showed up, which bent a lot of people's brains. His arrival brought out almost every member of Weiß in the Nexus. ((Yotan asked [ profile] nobodys_son for advice on Aya and ended up giving lifestyle advice in return. That same Aya had his mind blown talking to an angel, but Yotan reassured him that his assassin lifestyle is okay after all.))

Halloween brought out a button-based LOL that turned Sena into a kitten (and [ profile] just_a_murder's houseguest), fear-based LOLs from Oogie Boogie, Hanatarou in a sexy costume, me with a Nexus question, zombies and horrific zombie attacks, and later zombie!Farf getting his head exploded by Nagi in a Greed post. ((Farf bitched about the head asplodey at [ profile] dear_mun.))

Yuuko stirred up trouble asked about emotions you'd want to give up, which led to some confrontations. Kara Thrace drunken text messaged the Nexus, and misunderstandings abounded. One of the Matt Parkmans asked if Nexusians believe in true evil, while Liz Sherman's question about how you fight evil brought out an Omi. Nightcrawler wants to create a Nexus Avengers team. ((Joining it is one of the bones [ profile] terry_the_bat has to pick with his mun at [ profile] dear_mun.)) MetaNexus wants to know how you use your superpowers in the bedroom. I prefer to reveal that on a more one-on-one basis. Another Nightwing showed up. He needs to formulate his questions better. The Bachelor Auction was fun to watch.

[ profile] campjesus has lots of questions, and the Nexus has answers. Questions about how to leave his locked room, what makes you an adult, and when a guy really loses his virginity. Of course I helped him out. It's what I do.

(([ profile] kreeptonian returned to [ profile] dear_mun. Yay! Schu ran into yet another Nagi who lives in a different RP community. There was also a Robin with a jetpack. The Batfamily gets weirder every day.))
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I finally got Aya to go out for karaoke with me, telling him that we were both sad bastards so we should go out and have fun. I took him to this bar in New York City, got a beer into him, and assured him that none of these people would ever see him again. And it worked. Guy sings well, even in English, and the crowd liked him. Very good voice, and I made sure he stayed by me when I went up to make me better when I sang. He even enjoyed himself. So there.

Wanna Be

Apr. 21st, 2006 11:51 pm
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Farfarello made an Easter basket for me! It's the best thing ever!


Hey, Omi. I made an icon for you. Enjoy!

Omi's main squeeze

I miss your "Come get me, pedophiles" lace-up shirt that exposes your belly. Poor Aya just doesn't notice, not even when you're fisting his shirt and clinging to him.


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