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A friend directed me to http://www.dolldivine.com/sailor.html, and that's how I created... Sailor Schuldig. It's still more tasteful than Schu's usual and the options limit you, but... Kapitel colors with a Glühen moon background )
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Almost forgot to say. Halloween was pretty cool. I dressed up as a zombie clown, while Red Farf was just a regular zombie. Though in his case he took his eyepatch off and put a lot of fake blood in and around his socket as part of his makeup. People are lucky he didn't go Method and use some of the real stuff. We contented ourselves with scaring the crap out of people and getting a ton of candy. Farf on candy is really special.

Hell Yeah

Oct. 15th, 2009 03:14 am
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How many baboons could you take in a fight? (armed only with a giant dildo)
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I don't agree with all of this, but some of it works.

The Social Persona Test )


May. 5th, 2009 01:00 am
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I want this. Home decor inspired by tentacle rape! The only thing that would make it better for parties is if beer and liquor came out the tentacles, something different from each one.
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Shiba Inu Puppy Cam
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I need to have a party as an excuse to whip out this cake. It even uses some of my colors.

Yes and No

Aug. 21st, 2008 01:22 pm
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Some of this works; some of it doesn't.

Your result for The Supervillain Archetype Test...

Read more... )

Get Down

Aug. 16th, 2008 10:27 pm
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Techno Chicken

and a LOLcat
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In honor of the upcoming holiday, I present the Ultimate Peep Show )

Was it good for you?
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((Taken from [livejournal.com profile] dr_y_a_n_a: If you want to have your pup have some sort of sexual relations with mine, comment here! I'll write a little something that does just that!))
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A while ago I did the meme that had the random bad-ass zanpakutō generator. This is not that meme.

Schuldig's Zanpakutō:
(Fourth Division Irregulars)

Your zanpakuto is an overpriced, awkward takoba covered in bling named Rainbow Data by Jake. When you cry "Don't Panic!" it locks itself in its room and plays Linkin Park really loud.

What's Your Zanpakutō?

Schuldig's Zanpakutō:
(Fourth Division Irregulars)

At the command "Why, Hello There, Sailor!" your zanpakuto Drunken Juice Rancher, a witty, cold set of nunchuku, sends out for pizza.

What's Your Zanpakutō?

Schuldig's Zanpakutō:
(Fourth Division Irregulars)

Your zanpakuto is a nutritious, jealous sickle named Platypus. When you cry "Have a Nice Day!" it breaks into a chorus of 'You're Beautiful' by James Blunt.

What's Your Zanpakutō?

Over all, I think Platypus is the most dangerous to my enemies.

And sorry, Aya:

Aya's Zanpakutō:
(Fourth Division Irregulars)

When you invoke shikai with "Prove!" Polka-Dot Manatee, a husky misericord made of PVC piping, loafs on the couch and refuses to get a job.

What's Your Zanpakutō?


Sena's Zanpakutō:
(Fourth Division Irregulars)

Your zanpakuto is a dusty, prickly chakram named Blood-Letting Harpsichord Must Not be Taunted. When you cry "Color!" it is guilty, so will not dance and has no rhythm.

What's Your Zanpakutō?

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For your delectation, I present Peter's Evil Overlord List. Go out there and be an evil overlord like you mean it!
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This actually sounds like something for me:

Schuldig's Zanpakutō:

Schuldig carries Azure Fire Howl sealed into the form of a parasol. At the command "Breathe, Azure Fire Howl!" it transforms into a segmented, awkward naginata with an elegantly carved shaft. It enhances the wielder's hearing.

What's Your Zanpakutō?

And look what I got for Aya!

Aya's Zanpakutō:

Aya carries Flower Tsunami sealed into the form of a walking stick. At the command "Butcher, Flower Tsunami!" it transforms into a magnificent, jagged claymore with a loop of strong cord on the pommel. It inflicts wounds that will not stop bleeding unless covered with earth or mud, like a river can not be stopped unless dammed.

What's Your Zanpakutō?

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"Happiness, n. An agreeable sensation arising from contemplating the misery of another.
"Heathen, n. A benighted creature who has the folly to worship something that he can see and feel."
-- Ambrose Bierce
The Devil's Dictionary: a selection of the bitter definitions of Ambrose Bierce
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"Mittens the Cute Kitty in Atlantis" (suggested for mature viewers)


London Aya missed me. I was in my flat deciding which protest clothes could be washed and which needed to be burned when I felt his presence and heard the knock at my door. The bastard found me. Not only had he found my flat, but he'd also been able to tell that I'd been out of town for days through his "little" talent. Brad would be pissed if I told him about this.

Aya was angry that I hadn't told him I'd be going. Read more... )
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"Riots prompt tight security at G8 summit of major powers in northern Germany"


"MySpace Outage Leaves Millions Friendless"

All Onion kidding aside, I hear that wangst occurred in torrents over LiveJournal while I was in Germany doing my real life. Fortunately, my profile interests are so clean they squeak!


I also missed Sweet bringing on the next wave of confessional karaoke and the revelation that that one guy turns out to be who we expected him to be. Wah wah.
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"G-8 Protests Turn Violent in Germany"
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Thanks to a LOL involving a Supersoaker, Kenken currently leaves a trail of flowers behind him as he walks. He's literally a blooming idiot. How could I resist going over to point and laugh? I got a nice bouquet for my apartment out of it too.

A game Kenyuu was playing took a turn he didn't like, so now he's looking for information so he can make the being responsible pay. I'm not claiming any sides in this one.


Okay, this is so cute it burns. And if you need a big dose of glittering, dancing, cheerful WTF in your life, have a clip of Verka Serduchka performing "Dancing Lasha Tumbai" in Eurovision 2007. Come to the dark side, babies. We have Ukrainians in drag! Don't be frightened by the accordions.


Apr. 20th, 2007 08:19 pm
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cut for length )


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