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Morpheus has been getting sweet justice. Farf's still... Godly. Sena went from being a kitty to being a catboi and asked the Nexus about the added weirdness of that. Another Crawford showed up in the Nexus, and he was as much of an ass as the rest of them. I didn't waste much time on this one. Pyro Ken showed up to burn things. Ran-chan's brother appeared in the Nexus, looking for her. Aya-chan showed up too.

((Goku and Nagi are talking, so War planning and recruitment continue, as does planning for the break-in at Nii's. Nagi went to [livejournal.com profile] feline_casanova's reality for more info. Sanzo was around for a bit. [livejournal.com profile] devilnordeath hears about people being drawn into the Yohji rescue effort and contacts Nagi about it.

[livejournal.com profile] wireboundheart took [livejournal.com profile] just_a_murder out for their one-year anniversary, and it was NSFW as usual.))

Jonathan says he's doing better, which is cool. Kopi looked for advice. Hanatarou asked what you'll never get tired of, and I mentioned my fashion sense. Kaa asked if you could eat someone, who would it be. Tohji asked what your evil twin would be like, and I said mine would be boring. A new, hip, happening Robin has show up. Proteus asked for thoughts on monogamy. You can guess my answer. Greed also asked about monogamy, though in a more crass way. Liz asked what folks do when a fight leaves them semi- to totally naked. Nova's question brought Harper out. Lawr's finally legal age in some places. Tom Servo proposed to the whole Nexus. Mikey asked who your heroes and superheroes are.

Brody was out in the Nexus a lot, asking how to pitch a job to his parents, asking for fashion confirmation, asking for advice on split lips and Satanists, and apologizing for his speaking in tongues ((as first foretold in this [livejournal.com profile] dear_mun post)) and asking for advice on breaking news of the oncoming apocalypse to his parents.

((In [livejournal.com profile] dear_mun, [livejournal.com profile] dr_y_a_n_a is bored, and that's just not right.))


Oct. 3rd, 2007 04:09 pm
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I've been playing Viva Caligula online a bit. I dunno how Nagi gets into these games, because they're so arbitrary. Real life combat is so different. And who knew the old whores would be some of the most dangerous unarmored prey? The biddies gang up on you and kick. The crossbow is my favorite weapon of the four I've picked up so far. There's no microphone on Marilyn though, so I can't scream into my laptop for more rage/insanity power. Pity, that.

Heroes is back, so I'm watching downloads with Brad and Farf. Season two is not thrilling us. spoilers )

Farf continued asking his anonymous Nexus questions, one involving a story with monks, one that brought Tribbles into the Nexus, and another asking for volunteers. Yeah. I'm his ex, and he didn't think I'd figure it out? Anyway. Looks like Schwarz in my reality should maybe fear for their lives. I haven't decided whether to bring it up to them yet or not.

[livejournal.com profile] wireboundheart came into the Nexus super-angsty, which led to Aya-kun comforting him and Hisoka... fixing him. Hisoka asked for training help later. ((Aya comforting Yohji continued here and eventually turned NSFW. Hey, it's Yotan.)) Later, Aya-kun had an angsty answer to a Nexus question about having kids.

Read more... )
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((This scene actually takes place a while back in time, about June 30, from here.))

Scene, part 1 )
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Alternates of folks I know are just popping up all over the place in the Nexus lately, and most of them are way too angsty for their own good.

More Weiß-related happenings than you can shake a stick at )


And everybody else )
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Duke Devlin showed up asking about fangirls, so of course Weiß turned out for it. [livejournal.com profile] feline_casanova's Aya unbent on something for the first time ever, so of course it was on the wrong thing and led to Yohji asking a question.

Sanzo's back in the Nexus and asking questions about changing other realities. He and Hakkai have been feeling unsettled lately but I can't be arsed to go digging after why. ((But not everyone is displeased.)) Yohji's even more upset than he was before, but I am really not going to go digging into that if I don't have to. So why do I get the feeling it's all going to get launched into my lap at some point? Experience.


I talked to yet another Saxon-era Master in the Nexus. I like [livejournal.com profile] dr_y_a_n_a better.


The Nexus Awards have been decided and almost no one is happy. What a surprise!


I'm still writing to Jonathan.

((In [livejournal.com profile] dear_mun, other!Schuldig laments what has happened to him and his role as Nii's pawn in the upcoming War.))
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Seeing Farfarello in the Nexus LOL'd younger was interesting to me because I just don't feel anything for him anymore. I grieved and raged for months after the breakup, but it's all blown out now. My own Farf is upset that I'll make out with him in some highly charged situations but won't go for anything more. Hey, I've been there, done that, got the bootprint on my ass as a souvenir. Liking 'em crazy hasn't done me a lick of good, I don't believe in repeating myself, especially where mistakes are concerned, and I'm not the team bicycle.

Besides, this era of Farf has never been my favorite, because I had to babysit the bloodthirsty little bastard. He brings back all those memories of "Schuldig, make sure he doesn't get loose and slaughter the wrong people." I have my own mayhem to regulate and look after. And if he got out and went on a spree, who do you think got punished and felt it?

Nagi seems to be having a good time with him though. ((NSFW, violence, blasphemy))

Jonathan is much more fun de-aged than Farf is.


It's Kaa's hatchmonth. Wish the big guy a happy one and admire his party hat. I have.


Soma asked about cats and alts. I have some experience with both, so we chatted.

((Hakkai's dreaming about the bed he made and is lying in. Too bad for him he brought it all onto himself. (Possibly NSFW) In [livejournal.com profile] dear_mun, Sylar's complaining about the fangirl fantasies his mun is trying to play out through him. Awwww. Nightwing gets objectified in the course of the discussion. Awwwww.))
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::The whites of Schuldig's eyes are reddened from exposure to tear gas, and he has faint blue streaks in his ginger hair. He looks tired yet jazzed.::

Even some of the nonviolent protesters were kind of my people: As a black column of bulky riot police approached along a picturesque tree-lined road, one transvestite protester said: "They've been nice to us so far. Well, I've been groped a little - but that's OK." Hell, I did some time among the non-violent myself, mostly as part of the Clowns' Army. I can't wear black for so many straight days! Farf stayed among the hooded violent. He was too frightening as a clown. See some photos from the front.

I spent a lot of time listening to Nine Inch Nails' Year Zero, which made a decent soundtrack for protesting Bush and global imperialism. Sometimes Farf and I shared the Podphones, which some other protesters found cute. By the way, protest sex is great. Adrenaline is nature's aphrodisiac.


I check out for a few days, and the Nexus gets infested with LOLs. There was sneezing kiwi bird who induced enforced nudity. Some people found it awkward, which mystified Kaa. ((Farf answered the same Kaa question about nudity in a [livejournal.com profile] dear_multiverse post.)) Some people have been de-aged five years by a mirror, which created a wave of cluelessness, rewind, fear, and evil. I have yet to see any naked people who've rewound back five years, though. The shame LOL is pretty damned funny. For me at least. Meanwhile, some people are still trying to deal with older LOLs. Rabbids are freaky.


Queen Bitch is back in the Nexus, omigawd! I am entertained. Especially when Yuuko starts talking like her.

One of the Edward Elrics came to the Nexus looking for advice on a love triangle he's in. One of the members is an alternate of him. Too funny.

Yuuko is looking for weird philosophy and happy things. I'm right at home there.

((Kanan's pregnant, and the daddy is Hakkai. This isn't gonna end well. War continues to develop.))
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Nightwing is getting all thinkity again. I keep telling him to do what feels natural to him, but what feels natural to him seems to be conforming to other people's ideas. Gotham may not care whether its Dark Knight wears a cape and bat ears, but Dick seems to. Okay.


My text correspondence continues. It's interesting to watch myself aping another person's style even without the excuse of the pressure of his thinking influencing me. I suppose that I've associated being a chameleon with safety for so long that it extends even to writing. There were quite a few shrinks in the foundation of my personality, so I suppose that's enjoying the chance to come out as well. ((They also agree about certain denizens of the Nexus.))


Isamu found a ravenous couch in the Nexus by sitting on it and ending up inside it, dragging almost everyone around into it with him. These are the situations where I get myself some popcorn, watch, and laugh.


The third annual Nexus Awards are being voted on, and I don't know whether I should be flattered or offended that I wasn't considered ubiquitous, insane, or disturbing enough to be nominated for anything.


A familiar face asks what powers you'd like to have. And it has nothing to do with anyone's delicious brainmeats, no sir.


"Study: 38 Percent Of People Not Actually Entitled To Their Opinion." It's in The Onion, so it must be true! Though I think 38% is too low.

Drawn In

May. 15th, 2007 12:48 am
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Farfarello's trying to win me over through some weird combination of giving me space and then giving me no space at all. How many times does he really have to nuzzle the side of my neck while we're lying in wait for a target? And when he has his electricity going it makes all the hairs on my body stand on end. Scheiße.


Sometimes I get the urge to try to help people. I should probably just stick to my own, though sometimes that group can seem damned small lately. Which is why I keep trying to expand what's "my own" lately. Goku's asking about his missing memories. He's not quite "my own," but he's close enough.

Nagi's researching for a new business proposition he's thought up. I have to remember to check in with some production, porn, and acting people I know. Mom has to help his baby out.

Sometimes somebody so... unique shows up in the Nexus that I'm irresistably drawn over to rubberneck. That's how I wandered into a discussion with the new Superman in town. Wow. Just... wow. Yay for strong telepathic shielding! ((There's a kind of Superfreak after-party in [livejournal.com profile] good_rpers_rock.))

I met this chickie Mitsuko in the Nexus, and she was all hard and sharp and blatant and young, certain and cocky in her skills and sociopathy. She'll either learn that there's always someone bigger and badder than you somewhere that you have to be subtle and smart for or she'll die.


spoilers for _Heroes_: 'Landslide' )

((And the circle of pranks goes on as Tenpou steals Farfarello's book collection on a tip from Nagi, who wants vengeance for Farfarello's "rain" of blood ruining Nagi's apartment, which was Farfarello's vengeance for Nagi destroying Farfarello's dungeon, which was Nagi's vengeance on Farfarello for leaving Asuka's corpse in his bitch Yohji's bed. *whew* In [livejournal.com profile] dear_mun, Aya-chan's complaining about her mun, but it gave Schu the opportunity to catch up with her a bit.))
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Brad came over and warmed the house for a while. Warmed it vigorously and athletically. It's good to be missed.

But before that we had the Schwarzly get-together to watch the latest Heroes download. spoilers for 'The Hard Part' )


I shot the breeze a bit about jobs with Deathstroke, the Terminator. And some people twit me for calling myself Guilty?

I also did something a little unusual. I'll get more detailed if anything comes of it.

There's a new kitten in the Nexus, and Nagi has taken him in. He's such a humanitarian.

((In [livejournal.com profile] dear_mun, Darkdevil is complaining that his mun has him seeking men in his personal ad. You'd think he'd never been in the Nexus before!))


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