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But it came out funny so why not? I'm not sure whether we should ask what the Yohjis are a-milking, although I have my suspicions.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, tastes_of_honey sent to me...
Twelve hats drumming
Eleven florists piping
Ten assassins a-leaping
Nine kittens dancing
Eight yohjis a-milking
Seven chaos a-kidnapping
Six scars a-god-baiting
Five de-e-e-estroying lives
Four uptight americans
Three fujimiya ayas
Two psychic powers
...and a berlin in a telepathy.
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Aw! [livejournal.com profile] irrelevant_cat got me a broken gingerbread man for my LJ info page. I've missed you, sweet! His note says,

For my favorite telepathic assassin,

It's not much and I can't be there to say Happy Holidays in person, but I
just had to get this for you.  Something about it just reminds me of you.


Reminds him of me? How so, I wonder. Could it be that its head is unattached? Or that it's good to eat?
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Happy Festivus!

::goes off to complain a lot, then pin Brad::
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In my first try at this, I got a song lyric suggesting I was getting spanked. Pa-rum-pum-pum-pum, indeed. Sometimes I'm into that, depending on the person and circumstances. This time though:

And so this is Xmas,
I hope you have Schuldig.

Merry Xmas (War is Over)
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :

Well, the lucky ones do....


Nov. 29th, 2006 02:19 am
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It's a shame I won't be in Germany 6 December, but it wouldn't be the same anyway without Farfarello playing Knecht Ruprecht to my St. Nikolaus with my book telling families how actually good and bad the kiddies were. Ach, St. Nikolaus Day, such fun for us. Farfarello'd actually put the children I said were bad in sacks!

Though we'd let them out a few blocks later, Greed. It's not like we went full traditional and beat them with a switch or dumped them in the bag into the river. Christians are mean. And sado-masochistic in un-fun ways, especially Catholics. You definitely don't want to be a Catholic child in Austria at the beginning of December in older times.

Of course, Farfarello would also put a lump of coal into any Nikolaus-Stiefel he found on the night of 5 December, the better to illustrate the uncaring and cruel nature of God. No gifts or rewards for good behavior, just coal for everyone. Though sometimes I'd drop some wrapped candy in too if I felt like it to... reflect how God changes completely from the Old Testament to the New? No wonder so many people of the time thought Jesus' preachings were nuts. Whatever, I just put candy into the boots of the kids whose minds tasted nice.

Farf would even wear black rags and horns and paint himself up to be more devilish. Really got a kick out of it and us playing around with one of God's saints and the traditions that had grown around him.

We did such crazy, fun shit back when. I miss it. I miss him. I hope he's happy and not locked up wherever he is.
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My letters to Santa )

Oooh, a spanking. I have been so naughty, Santa.


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