Feb. 3rd, 2010 11:35 pm
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Up for a bit of Nexus coffee, Kitten Tits?


Jan. 30th, 2010 10:01 pm
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Happy birthday, Kitten Tits!

Over It

Aug. 3rd, 2008 02:59 am
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There's a Farfarello in the Nexus, and his mental signature is odd. Being me, I had to sound him out. Consider my curiosity satisfied. I have no urge to initiate another conversation with him.


If you don't care about that, have a LOLcat.


Jul. 7th, 2008 11:42 pm
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Your result for The What Type of Villain Are You? Test...

The Mad Misanthrope

You are insane, with a personal agenda, and a bitter outlook on life. You are the Mad Misanthropic Villain!

I don't know what happened to make you the monster you've become, but it must have been "oh shit, they killed your entire family" bad. Maybe you were once the The Vengeful, but after you killed everyone on your list (and their families, and their friends, and that guy that once delivered them mail), you went mad.

Then you went to live alone in a house at the top of a hill that all the neighborhood children threw eggs at, but you were forced to relocate after the all the children disappeared and their skeletons were found in your backyard.

Now you live in a cave. You have no minions, you ate them all. You have no friends, you don't even remember what happened to them, or if you had any to begin with. Enemies? Well, you consider everyone to be your enemy, but no one considers you their enemy--you're too crazy!

You live out your days waiting for lone hikers to stumble into one of your traps so you can drag them back to your lair and torture them.

I would tell you to be more careful and try and stay under the radar, but you might skin me alive. You are most likely to be killed by an angry mob.

See all the categories:

The Mad Misanthrope

The Carefree Villain

The Mad Scientist


The Vengeful

The Next-Door Assassin

The Jaded Villain

The Altruist

Take The What Type of Villain Are You? Test at HelloQuizzy
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I'm especially curious to see how Brody would do on this.
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Aw, hell naw. My LJ Superhero Team )
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I brought my new lover home. He was a bit wide-eyed--you know, with his one eye--about moving from Italy to England and eight years forward in one shake of a lamb (of God)'s tail but then he jumped onto my back and wrapped around me and demanded a piggyback ride. Since I'm just that awesome, I gave him one through the streets of Londontown. Sure, I could have brought him straight home but a flat looks like a flat looks like a flat and I aim to impress. We went to the skankiest club I know to dance and let him scare people a bit then went to my place and screwed like crazed weasels in heat. Not that I know what that looks like because I've never watched crazed weasels go at it. Ew. And a great time was had by all, and he only playfully threatened to kill the queen once. The end.
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Happy birthday, Alphonse!

You may be getting older, but you're still adorably molestable.
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I died in the Dungeon of Al Notfullmetal

I was killed in a fire-ravaged library by Heerodiscarded the cockatrice, whilst carrying...

the Dagger of the Internet, the Axe of Can Do Anything, the Crown of Light Of Day, the Axe of Fuhrer Mustang, the Shield of For a Miracle, the Shield of Johnyangryjohny, the Dagger of Elriculi, a Figurine of Gotnoorgans, the Sceptre of Alchemic Pride, the Dagger of Hiding Kittens, the Wand of Rainbows, the Axe of Strongpassion, the Dagger of My Lady Disdain, the Shield of Eels, the Sceptre of Dream Departed, a Figurine of Snakey Marty, the Amulet of Japanese, a Figurine of Kefanii, the Sword of Shindou San and 230 gold pieces.

Score: 265

Explore the Dungeon of Al Notfullmetal and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )
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I think I'm insulted.

Which Animal Archetype Are You? )
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Welcome to the horror that is The LOLcat Bible. The really terrifying thing is that my brain reads it all in Cartman's voice. Lo, here is some of Ezekiel 23:


1 An Ceiling Cat keep speekin to me: 2 U kno thoes two cats over dere? Theyr momma dun kno who iz baby daddy. 3 An they iz both... SLUTS! Peepls from south tuched their butts. An other stuff. An they likd it 4 an the cats has weerd namez an makes the baybees like doll factoreez.

If that wasn't enough, have Song of Solomon 8:

moar LOL )

My brain hurts. Those cells are never gonna come back to life.

Has Sprung

Apr. 2nd, 2007 04:05 pm
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Spring is in the air, and so are personal ads for love or at least some kind of terrifying hook-up. Even Daleks are responding. I can't stand being too close to Daleks since I can actually read the screaming little minds inside the pepper pot casings, but damn are they hilarious from a distance.


Al's back! We just needed Edward Elric #1,346 (Ah, ah!) to arrive to bring him out. Kitten Tits has grown up a bit, but at least he's not all angular and gawky like he was during that one growing-up LOL. We like our Alphonses soft and cute! Rounded and firmly packed!


Kaa did an April Fool's Day joke. It's a shame it wasn't real, because just think of a little baby Kaa looking for strokings! That would have been the coolest! I was tempted to do an April Fool's joke but couldn't think of something folks would think of as completely out of character for me.


I'm having a Frey Suprême Citron & Poivre Dark Chocolate bar, and it's so good.


((Yup, it's Spring and sap is rising ::cough::, as is denial, so in [ profile] dear_mun Schu is poking [ profile] some_priest and his mun about some notmaking out that has been going on.))
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Happy birthday to [ profile] al_notfullmetal, the original Kitten Tits. I love ya, kid. Is there any porn in particular I could get for you?
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Yeah, I'm not a catboi anymore. Some people took that better than others. I really miss having a tail. I also miss being able to disturb and arouse the hell out of people just by walking into a room, like I did during Gojyo's welcome-home party.


Yohjis. Can't live with 'em, can't get 'em fixed. Though I'm trying.

Let's see if I can poke [ profile] feline_casanova into fixing things with his Aya. Aya's too pretty to waste his life searching for a guy he'll never find. Agni decided the best way to fix the problem is to burn and/or eat both Aya and Yohji, and I had to shut that down fast.

Then there was [ profile] wireboundheart asking if he should tell the rest of his team about the Portal to the Nexus and most people, Farf among them and one of the loudest, yelling, "Noooooooooooooo!" It's fun flirting with him, though.
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::Schuldig is lying across a green loveseat with his long legs dangling over one side from the knees down. He's wearing blue jeans, black leather boots that go up to his knees, a "Run, Motherfucker, Run" t-shirt, the healing bracelet from [ profile] killwithmymind, and the red leather kitty collar he'd meant as a gag gift for[ profile] al_notfullmetal. Sometimes the bell on the collar jingles a little bit as Schuldig breathes. His eyes are closed, and his hands are crossed atop his chest.::

::He's feeling out into the Nexus, its people and its Portals, riding the shifts, floating on the tides. A black hole of nasty-tasting angst that was fogging everybody on the event horizon is gone now. Some people who left are back but not all.::

::In the end he's still not satisfied, still bored, still unsettled. What the hell is missing that's bothering him so much? Annoyed, he Portals himself and his chair back to his room in Tokyo.::
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Why is okay for Al to bonk Al but not me? Isn't it actually far wronger that way?


[ profile] killwithmymind, is it boredom, insanity, or genius that makes me think we should abandon all the subterfuge and gilded curlicues of our current plan to get London Aya-kun and Aya-chan together and instead just gently kidnap her, bring her to England, gently kidnap him, drive them both to some flowery field in the middle of nowhere and put them at opposite ends, then yell, "Run, Aya, run!" when they wake up? That way he gets to see how useless Kritiker is and that it's better to keep her with him anyway and there's no chance he'll repudiate her if he thinks she in danger. Plus, we get to watch them run at each other across a field of flowers!
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Brad's pissed. Somebody hacked into his stocks, investing him in things like Prozac and companies that specialize in relationship counseling. When he asked me if I knew who was doing this, I could say I didn't. Because I can guess, but I don't know. *cough*[ profile] killwithmymind*cough*

How sweet that somebody is not just making him feel vulnerable by hacking his stock portfolio but also trying to send him a message in the process.

So Brad's pissed. Again. Still. And I'm still not spending much time in the apartment. At least he's starting to feel a little bad about that without then getting resentful that I'm making him feel bad blah de blah.

I dunno. He's being a moron but I'm still on the fence about whether I should stay or go. I hate when I get this indecisive.
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We found someone who might be able to help me out: a healer. Healers, at least true psionic good ones, are rare, so he's expensive but Nagi bargained a better rate for me on a bulk basis by saying he'd bring his organization's injured business the guy's way.

While doing various scans to try to figure out the damaged areas before he gets here, we found out that I have some kind of metal implant inside my skull. We're all really pissed off right now.

And good thing we didn't do an MRI first.

Now you might ask, Schu-Schu, how could you, cynic and constant traveler that you are, have a metal implant inside your skull and not know? Well, Virginia, all my doctoring used to be done by Eszett--people like me, Brad, and Nagi have special health needs, you know--and I haven't gotten a head injury requiring scans since. I'm just that good. I also have official medical papers that give me a pass through metal detectors. There's a bullet lodged in my back near my spine that nobody removed because nobody wanted to take the chance of crippling me and destroying my usefulness, and I have a lot of small metal and glass shrapnel under my skin from a car crash in my early 20s. (Brad was so impressed that I was still killing the guy even in the wreckage.) Sometimes tiny bits of car still work their way out through my skin even to the present day. I know I look great, considering, but that's due to how well and quickly I heal, a talent that made my recent decline even more of a kick in the head to all of us.

But what about all that hair I have, wouldn't I notice if some had been shaved off to make it neater to get into my skull? Eszett used to shave heads as a punishment gesture. As you can imagine, I'd been buzzed a few times.

And they had some healers who could have speeded up the healing process big time to make it more undetectable.

Of course, our next questions are, What was it put in there to do? and Is it contributing to or causing a lot of my problems? We do know that it's not a tracking device, and if it's an explosive I'm sure Eszett would have triggered it years ago, but that's it.


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