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Aug. 20th, 2009 02:15 am
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Aya had a conversation with Count Zaroff about consuming obsessions that no longer appeal, discussed motives and their sisters with an alternate Aya, and talked about responsibility with perfect. He also asked the Nexus for advice on how to deal with his free time during school's summer break. Both of us came to Nagi's aid when Nagi had a question. Good for Aya!

I asked the Nexus for ideas on what I could give or do with Nexus Aya on his birthday, and some people were helpful while others were hostile. No idea why on that last part!

I let Naruse Ryou know what I expect to get out of the Nexus and told Laine my theory on why people find vampires so hot. Illyria asked how we dealt with those inferior to us, and I told her. Brody didn't understand why people needed to add nutrients or fruit to water and asked people what cuteness means to them and how they feel about parents hitting their kids. I had a long discussion with Harvey Dent about life and its unfairness. Gaheris asked for a loan of money, while J asked if boredom always accompanies happiness. I told Jubilee that I miss Ritsuka. When Ryan Wolfe asked whether to follow the rules or your heart, I told him my heart. Of course. I'd be so long dead if I'd followed the rules. I don't think Special Agent Melvin Purvis was happy with how some Nexusians and Harper in particular answered his question about trusting authority.

I actually admitted my major malfunction to Captain John. I doubt he realizes how honored he should feel. I had a somewhat futile conversation with the Redeemer about dealing with pain. When Kaa asked where and when we're expected to dance and when we're not allowed, I told him that I'm not allowed to dance nearly enough. He got a little frustrated over how many Nexusians react to him in an "OH MY GOD, IT'S A TALKING SNAKE. GET IN THE CAR!" way and asked how we were doing. Harley Quinn asked what the screwiest thing we did for love was and how many chances to give a guy before giving up on him. Ianto Jones wondered over the best way to tell co-workers that a company car got stolen while in one's keeping and whether labels are good or bad for a relationship. ((Torchwood: Children of Earth spoilers.))

I had a short and frustrating conversation with Ayel about whether to trust strangers. The Cheshire Cat and I had a brief talk about madness and hallucinations. I gave Zarathos some advice on breaking up someone's relationship. I am so, so helpful. I asked the Nexus for cold remedies and sympathies for my raging summer cold. Arashi and Blaze asked us what our favorite weapons are. Yotan asked for ways to occupy his workaholic sweetie while said sweetie is on summer break from teaching.

Nero and I annoyed the hell out of each other when I answered his question. Meh. It's not like his opinion of me matters. I was only slightly bitter at other people when I talked to Vi about her question on how normal people can stand the monotony and lack of magic in their lives. I gave Kaa tea and my opinion on why humanity always seems to think the world and the next generation is falling into decline. Nagi tried to answer some dim young fluff's man-hating question but was verbally jumped by the girl's enabler. I told Gordon Deitrich that it takes a lot of work to truly remember and be the person you used to be and gave Anya Stark some love advice.

((At [ profile] dear_mun, Schu talked to a Brad Crawford annoyed by his fickle mun.))


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